Many business owners (or managing shareholder(s)) face challenges on the road to prosperity whether it is choosing the best person to hire, what marketing technique to choose or how to secure financing for your next phase.  As a business owner myself, I understand the many different levels of complexity inherent in achieving your goals.  Successful entrepreneurs talk about engaging in SWOT analysis.  SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  Strengths and Weaknesses are internal in origin…they are your personal qualities or qualities of your business culture.  While Opportunities and Threats are external in origin….they are competitors, government regulation, etc. It’s a great exercise to think about of where you are as a business owner in terms of these four classifications.  Is your best asset, your ability to sell your products or services?  Is your weakest link, your ability to calculate your profits?  Do you know what changes in tax laws could affect your business?  Are you forfeiting potential revenue streams because you simply don’t have enough time?

Successful entrepreneurs make the decision to hire a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) to provide, among other services, tax planning and tax filing compliance.  As a CPA, I can offer my clients the tools they need to make timely decisions to focus on their goals.   Professional development is key to my role as your accountant.  I am consistently attending seminars or conferences to understand what impact the latest developments and changes in tax law will have on my clients.  I am also meeting colleagues and business owners to hear about their triumphs and struggles – to gain more insight and to help my clients avoid potential pitfalls.

Are you struggling to record your daily/weekly/monthly transactions to an accounting software you do not understand?

Ever wonder if you are paying too much tax?

In addition to being a CPA, I am also a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.   My firm offers competitive rates for the preparation of bookkeeping, HST, payroll and WSIB filings, as well as year end financial statements and tax filings for your business.  I also offer personal tax planning and filing.

I would be happy to help you work toward a solution that will help you reduce your stress and grow your profits.